Friday, September 14, 2007

Giuliani wants Clinton to apologize to Petraeus

In metro Atlanta for a pair of private fund-raisers, presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani on Thursday sought to please the Georgia GOP base by bashing Democrat Hillary Clinton for her "disbelief" of Gen. David Petraeus —- and demanding she apologize.

But the former New York mayor also might have bewildered some Republicans when he categorized illegal immigration as something other than a crime.

"The law books say that crossing the border without permission is a misdemeanor. Other than that, it's not a crime," Giuliani said. "That's a question of law, not political rhetoric or political spinning or political positioning."

The Republican candidate was responding to an article published in Thursday's editions of the Washington Times, in which he was quoted as saying illegal immigration shouldn't be classified as a crime "because the government wouldn't be able to prosecute it.

"We couldn't prosecute 12 million people," he said in the article.

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