Friday, February 6, 2009

Solarz and Ferrisi set NYc subway record

Dig math and records? This one is for you.

I think I would rather try and eat a record amount of pizza.
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Namely, “I had access to certain programs I could use, and I had access to people with backgrounds in graph theory.” But he didn’t have access to computing power that could handle a number as big as 468!, or 468 multiplied by 467 multiplied by 466 and so on to 2 and 1.
That’s the number of possible routes, if you allow any possible route, even one where the second station is nowhere near the first. It’s also a number so big that I had trouble finding software to compute it; best I can tell, it’s about 144 followed by 1,046 zeroes, or a whole lot bigger than a googol (Google’s namesake, one followed by 100 zeroes)
Chris Solarz and Matt Ferrisi, colleagues at an investment-management company they’d prefer not be named, received widespread publicity when they announced they were targeting the Guinness world record of 24 hours, 54 minutes and three seconds
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