Monday, January 5, 2009

Twitter Off to a Rough 2009

I caught this over on Digits.
If you are a twitter user you might want t check this out.
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You might be familiar with phishing attacks, those messages sent by criminals that look like they’re from a bank or Nigerian prince. But what about Twishing?

The term may enter the tech lexicon this week, thanks to an attack targeting the Web site Twitter, which runs a popular service that lets people share short updates about what they’re doing. (Blame Brian Krebs of the Washington Post if it sticks.) Over the weekend, cyber baddies sent phishing messages via Twitter’s service to other account holders. The message directed people to a Web site that looked like Twitter’s home page, but was really operated by the bad buys. As people logged in to the fake Twitter site, the bad guys captured their user names and passwords. Twitter warned account holders Saturday about the scam in a post on its blog, and advised those concerned to change their passwords.
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