Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Serial Liars

Utter contempt for voters

Serial Liars

So here’s the reason why the whole “Bridge to Nowhere” flap is a big deal; it’s an outright lie.  LIE.  Not a big word, so say it with me; the Bridge to Nowhere narrative pushed by the McPalin campaign is one gigantic LIE.

It’s a lie because part of McCain’s narrative is that he hates pork barrel spending.  In order to embue his new running mate with anti-pork street creds, they hammer her opposition to the Bridge to Nowhere over and over again.  Indeed, Justin Gardner has a new McCain ad where they hit it again.

He’s bewildered and so am I.  Why would one continue to sell this lie when it is so readily debunked if for no other reason than an utter contempt for the voter; a disbelief that they will go through even the most cursory of fact checking.

cause, you see, McCain has said multiple times
that he will be ruthless in going after pork barrel spending; going so far as to say he will “make them famous.”

Apparently his way of making them famous is by selecting them as running mate.

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