Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Key to Web 2.0: Watch Out for the Tech Department

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If your business is looking to implement Web 2.0 technologies — blogs, social networking, and other online technologies — be careful about involving the information-technology department. Projects where workers choose the technology have a much better chance of succeeding than ones where IT chooses, according to a new study by the consulting company McKinsey.

While the percentage of businesses using various Web 2.0 tools in 2008 was up across the board compared with a similar McKinsey survey from 2007, only 21% of the nearly 2,000 executives surveyed said that they were satisfied with the Web 2.0 tools they’re using. In contrast, 22% said they were dissatisfied and some have even abandoned the projects.
Among the businesses that said they were dissatisfied with their Web 2.0 projects, 36% said that their information-technology departments found, vetted and rolled out the tools. Only 11% of satisfied businesses followed that model.
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