Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reality Check: Consumers Unlikely to Pay Much More for Green

But at least they have their customers down cold: 31% said none of their ratepayers would pay a dime to fight climate change
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People really don’t want to pay much more each month to stop global warming, regardless of how many movies Al Gore makes. One-third of Deloitte respondents said they’d be prepared to pay “zero” extra to fight global warming. Slightly more, 36%, said they’d cough up 5% more if it meant their juice was emissions-free—5% being what you leave a really lousy waiter. About a quarter of the 1,000 adults Deloitte interviewed said they’d be willing to add 10% or more to their power bill for clean energy. Here’s the bad news: The main climate-change proposal in Congress could add between 11% and 64% to those bills to reduce emissions.

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