Tuesday, October 9, 2007

'worthless pig'

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An excerpt from the story: With blood on his pants, his semiautomatic rifle in hand and pistol under the back of his shirt, Peterson started talking about how he lost control. How he went to his on-again, off-again girlfriend's house in the middle of the night and instead of patching up their relationship, argued with her. How others, gathered at her home for a movie-and-pizza party, called him a "worthless pig."

The Forest County sheriff's deputy and part-time Crandon police officer said he was sorry, that he had just "lost it." He'd shot seven of his friends, including two of his best childhood buddies.

Kegley's wife, Mary, discreetly called 911. She and her son, a lifelong friend of Peterson's, coaxed the work-issued assault rifle he had proudly shown off just days earlier from his hand. He wouldn't part with his police-issued pistol, though. He assured the Kegleys he wouldn't hurt them.

Peterson later died from a gunshot wound while he was on Kegley's property. Here's a timeline.

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