Friday, October 5, 2007

List of incest websites ranked No. 2 news story in blogosphere

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Technorati Most mornings, we check Technorati's list of popular news to see what stories other bloggers are writing about. The top items tend to be exclusive reports or provocative essays from the world's largest and most prestigious news organizations.

The URL points to a list of pornographic websites devoted to incest that have been culled from the search engine on Newsday's website. (We weren't able to replicate the search results when we used the same terms to search USA TODAY, The Washington Post or The New York Times.)

Technorati says 268 blogs are linking to the list of incest sites on Newsday's website. (This posting doesn't include the URL because we're not in the business of providing free advertising for pornographers. We requested comment from Technorati.)

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