Sunday, September 23, 2007

Obama unveils new tax plan

For or against?
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Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama rolled out an $80 billion tax
relief plan for workers and seniors Saturday and pledged to shorten the time
needed to file returns to less than five minutes. <BR><BR>About 300,000 Iowa
seniors would never again need to file tax returns under the plan, and 100,000
of those would save roughly $1,400 each year, Obama said as he campaigned
through Iowa. Nationally, 22 million elderly Americans who make less than
$50,000 per year would no longer need to file.<BR><BR>"The American dream
shouldn't be just the property of the few," the Illinois senator told an
audience of 200 at Clarke Community School in Osceola. "It shouldn't just be for
those who have a lobbyist in Washington."<BR>
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